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Ken Marquardt - Owner

Ken Marquardt started Ram Jack West in 2001 in Eugene, Oregon. As a former house mover Ken often came across homes with foundation problems and saw the need for a permanent solution. After working with engineers and researching the best fix, Ken was completely satisfied that Ram Jack was indeed the only manufacturing company that met his high standards. Ken signed on and became Ram Jack of Oregon and has been a Ram Jack dealer ever since.

Today, Ram Jack West services all of Oregon and Washington with offices in Eugene, Portland and Seattle. Ken now employs a highly service-oriented staff of over 70, that receive annual training from Ram Jack to keep them on top of the newest techniques and technologies.

Ram Jack West received the “Dealer of the Year” award for three years running and ongoing awards of excellence from home improvement sites including Angie’s List and Home Advisor. He proudly boasts an ongoing A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since the company’s inception in 2001.

Ken has created a company that has become the foundation repair leader in the Pacific Northwest. Ram Jack West’s headquarters remains in Eugene where Ken and his wife, Emily Marquardt, are committed to their children and Ram Jack West.

The success of Ram Jack stems from a commitment to providing:

Engineers around the world have found Ram Jack's methods and engineering offer versatility and reliability. Ram Jack has a staff of engineers who are dedicated to answer questions and provide assistance in solving foundation issues. Additionally, Ram Jack continues to innovate and has played an integral part in the construction of the largest solar field ever constructed. Ram Jack continues to offer strong reliable foundation solutions for projects relating to alternative energy.

Ram Jack products are developed, manufactured, and distributed from the Ram Jack Manufacturing/Distributing facilities located in Ada, Oklahoma. Strict quality control standards, exact specifications, and unwavering installation guidelines ensure that the Ram Jack System and products have virtually no failure when properly installed.

In 1999, Ram Jack started building a network of highly competent dealers to offer the Ram Jack System through its affiliate, Ram Jack Systems Distribution. Today, there are over 50 dealers nationwide as well as internationally who meet the needs of consumers, in both residential and commercial applications. From your house to the largest solar field in the world, Ram Jack's commitment to "quality first" and customer satisfaction will keep Ram Jack at the forefront of the foundation repair industry.

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