Ram Jack® Manufacturing Facility

Ram Jack Manufacturing is an efficient, dynamic, and state-of-the-art facility. With over 2.5 acres under roof and advanced equipment—including high performance water table plasma machines, robotic welders, fully-automated bundle saws and drills, and high-capacity gantry cranes—our professional, certified staff is well-equipped to meet any project requirement, from the largest custom project to the smallest standard order. Without question, customer satisfaction is our specialty. As an industry leader, Ram Jack Manufacturing is devoted to continual improvement. At Ram Jack, this commitment is manifested in three prominent ways:

Ram Jack offers over 450 standard products and works closely with our customers to develop as many as 200 custom designs per year; the scope of our capabilities is almost limitless. Through the synergistic efforts of our engineers, research and development, production team, and customers, Ram Jack stands prominently, second-to-none, in its ability to meet customer needs.

The Ram Jack team is committed to customer service, and is the leading helical pile manufacturer — we look forward to supporting you.

Engineers around the world have found Ram Jack's methods and engineering offer versatility and reliability. Ram Jack has a staff of engineers who are dedicated to answer questions and provide assistance in solving foundation issues. Additionally, Ram Jack continues to innovate and has played an integral part in the construction of the largest solar field ever constructed. Ram Jack continues to offer strong reliable foundation solutions for projects relating to alternative energy.

Ram Jack products are developed, manufactured, and distributed from the Ram Jack Manufacturing/Distributing facilities located in Ada, Oklahoma. Strict quality control standards, exact specifications, and unwavering installation guidelines ensure that the Ram Jack System and products have virtually no failure when properly installed.

In 1999, Ram Jack started building a network of highly competent dealers to offer the Ram Jack System through its affiliate, Ram Jack Systems Distribution. Today, there are over 50 dealers nationwide as well as internationally who meet the needs of consumers, in both residential and commercial applications. From your house to the largest solar field in the world, Ram Jack's commitment to "quality first" and customer satisfaction will keep Ram Jack at the forefront of the foundation repair industry.