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Driven Piles

/// Reliable Foundation repair solutions

Ram Jack’s driven pile system is used to provide foundation support for various types of structures. Our driven pile is a steel shaft made from 100% American made steel. Each driven pile is thrust deep into the soil using powerful hydraulics to reach load-bearing strata. The number of piles and the depth of each pile is a crucial aspect of any foundation repair. Many foundation repair contractors do not install the correct number of piles or drive piles deep enough to provide a long-lasting repair.

Beware! Improper pile placement and pile depth can leave your home vulnerable to future settlement and recurring damage. Our Ram Jack technicians and consultants are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and install our driven pile system to stop damaging settlement permanently.

Corrosion-Resistant & Environmentally Friendly

Our piles are manufactured from American-mined, high-strength carbon steel and are coated with an eco-friendly polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating for corrosion protection. This process provides long-lasting protection without leaching dangerous chemicals into the soil. We back it with a transferrable life of structure warranty.

Minimal Landscape Disturbance, Quick Install Time, Patented Ram Jack System, Environmentally Friendly