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Ram Jack West provides the best foundation solutions, products, and customer service. We stand by our products and services, supplementing them with quality resources for engineers approved by our in-house engineers and experts. Ram Jack West is truly your one-stop-shop for all your engineering needs.

Product Catalog Download

View a copy of our latest Product Catalog with full specifications, part numbers, and load capacities for each standard product we offer.

How To Design Helical Piles

View a copy from Chapter 6 of our Technical Manual on How to Design Helical Piles per the IBC (International Building Code).

Product Drawings & Specifications

Helical - Ranging from 2 ⅜” to 8 ⅝” sizes with various connection types

Driven - Driven Piles ranging in size from 3” to 4 ¼”

System Specifications

Each of our installation systems are designed to work effectively in different applications. These documents will provide you guidelines and specifications relating to each system.

Helical Pile System (PDF)

Helical Pile General Notes (PDF)

Helical vs. Concrete (PDF)

Driven Pile System (PDF)

Continuing Education Courses

Ram Jack® offers online education through V1 Media, an approved AIA continuing-education provider. AIA-approved courses are a valid form of Professional Development for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries via self-learning courses in all states.

Current Courses Available:

Presented by Darin Willis, P.E. & Amy Cerato, Ph.D.,P.E.
The presentation will cover the design, applications, and building code requirements of helical piles and the full scale seismic testing being performed in the U.S.

2019: Code compliance & seismic activity

Presented by Darin Willis, P.E. & Justin Presley.
Presentation will cover the performance of the Sign Dart foundation system when installed in clay and sandy soils as well as when subjected to tension and lateral loads, especially as compared to national standards for sign mounting systems.

2020: Helical Piles - Ram Jack sign dart

While helical piles have been used for over 175 years and remain one of the most versatile deep foundation systems available, they don’t get thorough coverage in undergraduate and graduate studies for engineers. After helical piles were inducted into the 2009 IBC, many engineers found themselves scrambling to understand the system and applications.

As leaders in the industry, Ram Jack West offers free opportunities for engineers to find out more about our helical and driven pile systems. A majority of states accept the technical presentation at our Lunch & Learns as Continuing Education credits for those who attend.

What we will cover:

  • Driven & Helical Pile Systems - During the presentation, we will discuss the components, advantages, and applications of our systems will be reviewed.
  • Theory & Design - We will discuss the engineering principles of our systems for improved comprehension.
  • ICC Acceptance Criteria - In 2007, ICC approved the first ever helical pile acceptance criterion (AC358), later adding helical piles to the 2009 IBC. We review the requirements of the AC358, as well as the need for an Evaluation Service Report (ESR) by ICC to verify a pile’s capacities and compliance.
  • IBC 2009-2015 - The main helical pile sections in the IBC are reviewed, many of which relate to similar deep foundation systems. We will discuss stability requirements, lateral loads, unbraced length, group effect, and much more.
  • Design Software - We offer freethat was designed by engineers with engineers in mind. We review the benefits, what you can do with the software, and solutions it provides to both you and your firm.

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At Ram Jack®, we believe in offering the highest quality products and services. That’s why our company has dedicated itself to earning certifications and meeting the criteria necessary to maintain compliance for various building codes.

Our list of building code compliance provides confirmation of the quality, reliability, and strength of Ram Jack’s products.

Engineering Manual (PDF)

International building code

icc-es esr-4331 (PDF)icc-es esr-1854 (PDF)En Espanol (PDF)ESR Rated Product Capacity Comparison (PDF)

Certified Products Proven Reliable

Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015-certified. We became the first manufacturer to have their helical piles receive the ESR. Ram Jack also has more products recognized by the ICC-ES than any other foundation repair company. It’s our goal to make sure you can rely on the strength and quality of our products and services.

Ram Jack® provides free engineering software for use in designing and implementing helical piling. Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™ Software was designed by engineers, with engineers in mind. By inputting information specific to each job, our software calculates what helical configuration is needed to successfully complete the work.

You can create and simulate the soil condition at the project site, make as many individual anchors within the same data file as desired, and download a professional PDF that can be utilized for submittals. For ultimate convenience, you can also share projects in real-time with other registered users


What you get when you register:

  • Web-based software system
  • Online database to store all projects created
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Professional PDF output
  • Provides approximate anticipated embedment depth along with capacities
  • Real-time online sharing of projects among registered users
  • PC and tablet friendly

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™ allows engineers to design and model helical piles in all soil conditions. The software allows multiple pile diameters and helix configurations to be modeled in the same soil conditions so the optimum pile can be chosen for the required loads. The professional calculation printout includes: compression and tension capacities, minimum installation torque, and approximate embedment depth of the pile/anchor.

Ram Jack’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 is an Internationally Recognized Standard of Excellence. It is the only globally-accepted, all-purpose model for Quality Management in the world. This standard is necessary for our organization to become world class. It is a combination of systems made just for a business that wishes to continue to grow and succeed in today’s competitive market. ISO presents guidelines which increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. ISO standards ensure that products are safe, reliable and of good quality.

ISO 9001 is a standard created to make the attainment of quality, consistent products easier by providing specific steps for development of an organization’s quality management system. This quality management system monitors the progress of a product and services as it goes through each stage of production, from development to testing to assembly to customer feedback.

The importance of ISO 9001 is the emphasis on quality. Many companies offer products and services, but it is companies like Ram Jack who put out the best products and services efficiently that succeed. With ISO 9001, Ram Jack can identify the root of any problem, and therefore find a solution. By improving efficiency, customer satisfaction can be maximized.

Ram Jack recognizes the importance of the ISO 9001, and, because the consumer is most important to our company, ISO 9001 and Ram Jack makes the customer their primary focus.