Seawall Repair Cost vs the Price of Replacement or Neglect

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Your seawall, or bulkhead, is a structure that separates the waterway from your property. While the appropriate term for these structures is Vertical Seawall (a straight wall), the term Seawall is most commonly utilized.

Seawall Repair Cost vs the Price of Replacement or Neglect Blog Post

Your Seawall Repair Cost is a Long-Term Investment

The practical functions of your seawall are critical for protecting your property:

  • Your seawall is the front-line defense against the loss of landmass into the waterway due to erosion, rain, irrigation, currents, and wave action.
  • Your seawall assists in maintaining proper water depths for your property.
  • Your seawall establishes your legally recognized property lines and water rights.
  • Your seawall is significant for the protection of ancillary structures like boat docks.
  • Your seawall is critical for the value and protection of your waterfront property.

Why Choose Repair for Your Concrete Seawall/Bulkhead?

Seawall property owners generally have four options when a seawall begins to develop damage.

  • Option #1): Ignore the problem – and risk seawall failure.
  • Option #2) Replace the seawall – and risk over-paying to solve the problem, enduring a disruptive and messy process, and potential damage to adjacent structures (including boat docks, boardwalks, and even houses and buildings).
  • Option #3) Repair with inferior methods such as hydraulic cement, slurry, crushed seashells, and sodium silicate – and continue to risk seawall failure because they do not address the underlying soil instability that puts unsustainable pressure on the seawall.
  • Option #4) – You can hire a Seawall Repair Network contractor who:
  1. Has completed advanced geotechnical seawall repair training,
  2. Uses the most effective seawall repair equipment,
  3. Is able to complete your seawall repairs without risking destruction of property,
  4. Is able to complete your project at a fraction of the price of replacement,
  5. Is able to complete your project at a fraction of the time of replacement,
  6. Provides a permanent and reliable seawall repair solution.

The best choice is clear. You can save yourself a lot of money, potential property disruption/destruction, stress & frustration by working with a Seawall Repair Network contractor in your area.

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