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Are you noticing cracks in your basement floor, uneven basement floors, a heaving basement floor, cracks in your basement wall, bowing basement walls, or leaking basement walls? All of these problems can indicate an unhealthy and unsafe basement. Ram Jack West has multiple repair solutions to fix the issues affecting your basement, basement wall, retaining wall, or seawall. Our goal is to keep your basement a usable space for you and your family. After our in-home inspection, one of our Ram Jack West foundation specialists will recommend the best solution based on our professional expertise.

wall tiebacks - solution for basement and wall problems

helical tie-back anchors

Based on the capacity that is designed by one of our in-house engineers, the wall tie-back anchors are then rotated into the ground to a precise torque and depth. To achieve lateral stability, we use this system to support walls. As you can see in the picture above, one end is applied to the wall, and then the tie back is twisted at an angle into the ground to enforce the wall of a structure that is in danger from things like wind, earth’s pressure, or an earthquake.

helical tie-back anchors
  • Manufactured from high strength carbon steel tubing
  • Minimal/no excavation is necessary
  • Frequently used to repair retaining & basement walls
  • Ability to be linked together to attain necessary length
  • Performs well when dealing with changing soil conditions
  • Can be installed in any weather condition

SRS revolutionizes concrete and masonry structural repair by combining carbon fiber fabric with a structural epoxy adhesive that arrests any further movement and is much more affordable compared to outdated methods that involve excavation, steel I-beams, or cumbersome unsightly supports. Structural Reinforcement Solutions have designed a system to sustain walls that have fractured or bowed due to water damage or other causes.

We can use carbon fiber for numerous repairs from parking garages and bridges to wall stabilization and crack repair. Learn more about each application below.

Benefits of carbon fiber

  • Arrests structure movement
  • Less than 1/8" thick
  • Able to be painted (more aesthetically appealing option)
  • Conforms to structure
  • 196,000 PSI tensile strength
  • 10X stronger than steel
  • 100% made in the USA

Moving soil and erosion can create complex problems for the structural integrity of your home. The purpose of retaining walls is to hold soil back to protect structures against the harmful effects of sliding soil and erosion. If you have discovered that your retaining wall is failing, Ram Jack West’s helical piles are the perfect solution to achieve maximum stability.

Our solutions offer stability for retaining walls with these problems

  • Cracks
  • Soil pressure
  • Bowing of the wall
  • Horizontal movement

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