Custom Engineered piling solutions

& Civil Division

Ram Jack West provides steel piles that equip engineers to design reliable and lasting solutions. Built on 25+ years of experience, Ram Jack West offers the expertise and quality you need in a local piling contractor with national resources. With continued research and development, we have patented the most advanced technologies in the deep foundation industry.

Custom Engineered piling solutions

& Civil Division

Ram Jack West provides steel piles that equip engineers to design reliable and lasting solutions. Built on 25+ years of experience, Ram Jack West offers the expertise and quality you need in a local piling contractor with national resources. With continued research and development, we have patented the most advanced technologies in the deep foundation industry.

We are the deep foundation solution experts.

You can move forward with confidence knowing we maintain code compliance, providing piles and brackets that reach the highest rating among competitors’ products recognized by ESR-1854 - you can download our full ICC-ES Evaluation Report here. Ram Jack has the most products recognized by the ICC and boasts an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility.

We are proud to be able to provide customized services for commercial clients - Ram Jack West is your source for tailored solutions from our design team and a group of the best engineers in the business. Let us value engineer your next project!

Ram Jack West can also provide Design-Build services for civil, industrial, commercial, or residential projects.

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Ram Jack West project capabilities

Whether it’s the wide variety of types of driven pile (steel h-pile, pipe pile, sheet pile), micro piles, pin piles, helical piles, tie back anchors or soil nail walls, Ram Jack has your foundation needs covered. We can get where others can’t, due to our specialized equipment that requires minimal overhead clearance, smaller operating footprint and fast mob in and set up. A smaller operating footprint means a smaller carbon footprint, which is better for our built environment. This efficiency also saves our clients money, and in construction, “time is money”.

Explore our website and get to know us – see what we have done, and what we can do.

Next time you have a commercial or civil foundation need, contact Ram Jack West. We do the ordinary, and the not so ordinary safely, with professionalism, expediency and cost efficiency. Give us a call today and one of our experts will be happy to discuss the options available to meet your needs!

If you don't see your particular need, please contact us for customized solutions.

New Construction Piling
Helical Piles

We design our piles to support the loads and forces that commercial structures face, including compression, uplift, lateral forces, and moments. Each commercial project is custom-designed and value-engineered to ensure quality and function. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means we can consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements in the industry.

Ram Jack helical piles may be used in new construction where the costs or risks associated with conventional concrete foundations dictate, or they can be utilized to sustain or remediate existing structures whose foundations are in distress.

  • Compression and tension applications such as foundations for buildings, pedestrian bridges, boardwalks, solar fields, launch pads, etc
  • Tension applications such as tie backs in retaining walls, basement walls, guy towers, etc
  • Shear and overturning applications such as lighting poles and self-supporting tower foundations
  • Underpinning distressed foundations or augmenting existing foundations for heavier loads

All our helical pile components have a thermoplastic coating, which has been specifically designed to provide a long-lasting, tough coating. The thermoplastic coating meets the Acceptance Criteria for Corrosion Protection of Steel Foundation Systems Using Polymer (EAA) Coatings (AC228). The acceptance criterion was adopted by the International Code Council (ICC) in October 2003. The thermoplastic coating is environment-friendly and has a technical lifespan of 50 years.

The next time you have a project that calls for, or may be a prime candidate for helical piers, think Ram Jack West.  We’ll add stability to your unstable substrate, giving you the confidence that your building or bridge will be “rock solid” for many years to come.

Ram Jack West - Helical Piles for Commercial Foundation Repair
Ram Jack West - Helical Piles for Commercial Foundation Repair
Driven piles

Ram Jack West is very well equipped to install a variety of piling, from h-piles and sheet piles to pipe piles in lengths up to 50 ft. Driven steel piles are sometimes referred to as push or resistance piles. We do this in locations and situations that logistically are very difficult or even impossible for crane mounted conventional pile driving gear. Ram Jack adeptly installs piling in both commercial and heavy/civil applications.

Because we use a Movax SP 60 side mounted vibratory pile driver mounted on a Cat 324 excavator, our “footprint” required to drive piles is very compact, both laterally and vertically. We can install piling with limited overhead clearance, such as when overhead power lines can’t be moved or de-energized. We can also get under bridges, docks, viaducts and a wide variety of other overhead challenges where conventional pile driving equipment simply won’t work.

Deep piles in this context may also include pin piles. They come in a variety of sizes, from 2-4" diameters are the most common but we have the facility to custom fabricate any size for special orders.

Micro piles

A micropile is a long, steel device that goes deep into the ground to create a strong foundation for large, heavy buildings. Micropiles are highly useful because they do not take up much space, and allow for tall buildings to be built in cramped spaces. They are designed to sustain extremely heavy loads, and have been known to uphold weights in the excess of 1,000 tons.

Micropiles are especially useful for underpinning an existing foundation that has become either unstable or structurally unsound enough to support its intended load. Ram Jack has the specialized equipment, trained crews and experience from other commercial projects to be your source for micropile installation in a variety of applications. In addition to underpinning, we can also install micropiles in bridge foundations, transmission towers, retaining walls and a variety of other applications.

Ram Jack West - Micro Piles
Ram Jack West - Micro Piles

Our micropile applications require a small “footprint” for the equipment required to install them, making them a perfect candidate for tight spaces, difficult access or environmentally sensitive areas that still require high yield bearing capacity.

Ram Jack has multiple drills that can install plumb and battered micropiles where deep installations are a necessity.  We also have the versatility to combine micropiles with other foundation applications on the same project, such as driven piling or helical piers. We’ve successfully installed micropiles in some very challenging geographic locations, on the side of hills, in very constrained work areas and where minimizing environmental impacts have been a key factor.

Ram Jack West has the skills and technology necessary to install these powerful foundation components so that you can build your project exactly as envisioned, even in congested areas or on top of poor quality soil. If the neighborhood your business is located in is undergoing construction, you may want to consider installing micropiles to ensure that shifting ground will not impact your building’s foundation.

Seismic Retrofit

Seismic safety is becoming a major concern across Oregon and Washington. Ram Jack West offers custom and cost-effective solutions for seismic upgrades to ensure your building is earthquake-resistant, up to current code, and compliant with seismic standards. Contact Ram Jack West today to give your building the highest chance of survival following a seismic event.

At the University of California, San Diego Ram Jack was apart of a groundbreaking test to show the perfomance of Helical Piles under an existing structure in seismic liquefaction zones. The test was funded by PEER (Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center) and was actually the first of its kind to be performed in the United States. The test was extremely successful in showing the performance of Ram Jack's Helical Piles in such conditions, a summary of the test is below.

During the first test there was no underpinning at all underneath the structure and it settled 11" when it went through the seismic event. During the second test there was 4 Ram Jack helical piles supporting the footing and with the same shake it only moved .5". 11" on a structure would likely cause it to collapse but .5" people would survive. Don't risk it, call Ram Jack West today!

Foundation Repair

Ram Jack West provides various commercial foundation repair solutions for structures with concrete cracks, sloping floors, bowed/leaning walls, or misaligned doors and windows. If you notice any of these signs in your commercial building, contact the experts at Ram Jack West today.

  • Helical Piles
  • Driven Piles
  • Micro Piles
  • Tie Back Anchors
Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has been proven to strengthen, support, and stabilize concrete structures. We offer several solutions that are suitable for almost any concrete or masonry component with products that are high-strength, light-weight, and non-invasive.

  • Retaining Wall Reinforcement
  • Column Strengthening
  • Structural Wall Opening
  • Beam Strengthening
  • Balcony Restoration
Seawall Repair

Ram Jack West is your source for custom seawall solutions. As proud members of the Seawall Repair Network, we offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for seawall repair and construction. We are one of the few companies that provide affordable permanent solutions to failed seawalls. Our solutions are lasting—not just temporary fixes that will eventually fail.

Not all repair methods and seawall companies are the same. Some contractors often end up making the problem worse by installing inferior repair materials like hydraulic cement, slurry, sodium silicate, and crushed seashells. These repair methods are not only ineffective but also potentially dangerous. They can lead to further damage and even more expensive repairs in the future if not taken care of now. The problem with these solutions is that they do not address the underlying issue of why your seawall failed in the first place - which is unstable soil surrounding your seawall.

Ram Jack provides the most effective proprietary seawall repair material, with advanced training in Seawall Repair Network product and solution application methods.

Retaining Walls

With so many different types, sizes and styles of retaining walls out there, it’s hard to find one stop shopping. If your retaining wall needs involve driving piling and installing lagging in between them, then Ram Jack West is your contractor.

We have installed an intriguing variety of retaining walls – from the more conventional h-pile with timber lagging and h-pile with steel plates to the less conventional such as h-pile using guard rail members and soil nails for subsequent applications, Ram Jack has you covered.

Ram Jack West - Retaining Walls
Ram Jack West - Retaining Walls
Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is cost-effective and long-lasting method to prevent foundation issues caused by soil erosion, water infiltration, and other factors. Contact our commercial team today to learn more about how sheet piling can help protect your commercial property.

  • Steel Sheet Piling
  • Vinyl Sheet Piling
Poly Foam Injection

Concrete is one of the most reliable materials we use in construction, but it still isn’t perfect. Over time, concrete can crack, shift, heave, or crumble. If these issues are left unaddressed they could become a major safety hazard. Our polyurethane foam injection service offers a revolutionary repair solution that’s fast and affordable without the need for demolition or costly replacements.

Poly foam injection is a modernized process for restoring and re-leveling concrete slabs. The method involves drilling small holes in the existing concrete and pumping poly foam into them to fill the voids and re-level the surface. The poly foam works by expanding as it is injected, lifting and re-leveling the concrete. As poly foam sets quickly, it can be used immediately after the injections are done, resulting in minimal disruption to everyday activities. Poly foam injection provides a long lasting, cost-effective solution to stabilizing concrete surfaces without the need for the costly replacements, making it an ideal choice for many different applications.

  • Non-disruptive technique & requires very little equipment
  • Quick installation
  • It's lightweight material means there is minimal additional damage to the concrete
  • Can be installed in any weather condition

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