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Commercial foundation repair

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Commercial Foundation Repair

We are the deep foundation solution experts. Ram Jack West provides steel piles that equip engineers to design reliable and lasting solutions. Built on 25+ years of experience, Ram Jack West offers the expertise and quality you need in a local foundation company with national resources. With continued research and development, we have patented the most advanced technologies in the foundation repair industry. You can move forward with confidence knowing we maintain code compliance, providing piles and brackets that reach the highest rating among competitors’ products recognized by ESR-1854. Ram Jack has the most products recognized by the ICC and boasts an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility.

We are proud to be able to provide customized services for commercial clients - Ram Jack West is your source for tailored solutions from our design team and a group of the best engineers in the business. Let us customize your next project!

Ram Jack West can also provide Design-Build services for civil, industrial, commercial, or residential projects.

advantages of helical pile technology

Through extensive research and development we have advanced an efficient system that reaches maximum practical recovery. Our system includes the connection of screw piles through the ram jack patented threaded connect that provides the exact placement for each pile without fail.

how the ram jack helical pile system Benefits engineers:

  • Clean installation
  • Once installed, loading is allowed instantly 
  • Quiet installation, no vibrations during
  • No weather delays
  • Extensive testing is performed to ensure the exact torque values are achieved
  • Extremely adaptive for almost all foundation types
  • No structure for reaction resistance required
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helical piles

A helical foundation (pile) is a factory manufactured steel foundation consisting of a central shaft with one or more helical-shaped bearing plates. The terms “foundation” or “pile” typically refer to a compression application. Helical piles are referred to as helical anchors when used in a tension application.

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Ram Jack® manufactures helical piles and extensions in a wide array of shaft diameters (2 ⅜”, 2 ⅞”, 3 ½”, 4 ½”,5 ½”, 6 ⅝”, and 8 ½”.We have the facility to design and fabricate special orders as well, meeting any shaft diameters your project calls for. All helical shafts and extensions are carbon steel with minimum yield strength of 65 ksi.

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quality products you can depend on

All our helical pile components have a thermoplastic coating, which has been specifically designed to provide a long-lasting, tough coating. The thermoplastic coating meets the Acceptance Criteria for Corrosion Protection of Steel Foundation Systems Using Polymer (EAA) Coatings (AC228). The acceptance criterion was adopted by the International Code Council (ICC) in October 2003. The thermoplastic coating is environment-friendly and has a technical lifespan of 50 years.

Ram Jack helical piles may be used in new construction where the costs or risks associated with conventional concrete foundations dictate, or they can be utilized to sustain or remediate existing structures whose foundations are in distress.

  • Compression and tension applications such as foundations for buildings, pedestrian bridges, solar fields, launch pads, etc
  • Tension applications such as tie backs in retaining walls, basement walls, guy towers, etc
  • Shear and overturning applications such as lighting poles and self-supporting tower foundations
  • Underpinning distressed foundations or augmenting existing foundations for heavier loads

Driven piles

Driven steel piles are sometimes referred to as push or resistance piles. They are used to underpin the foundation of an existing structure. The piles are pushed into the soil with hydraulic cylinders by using the weight of the structure as a reaction force. Each pile is installed individually, utilizing the maximum resistance of the structure as a reaction force.

Ram Jack® manufactures two different sizes of driven steel piles: 2 ⅞” and 3 ½” diameters. We also have the facility to custom fabricate any size for special orders.

4 primary components of our driven piles

  • Bracket
  • Guide Sleeve
  • Piling
  • Starter

Hydraulically-driven steel piles use the weight of the structure as a reaction force during installation, which means they are only used for remedial foundation repairs. The structure must have sufficient weight to allow enough force to be applied to the pile to reach a load-supporting strata.

Micro Piles

A micropile is a long, steel device that goes deep into the ground to create a strong foundation for large, heavy buildings. Micropiles are highly useful because they do not take up much space, and allow for tall buildings to be built in cramped spaces. They are designed to sustain extremely heavy loads, and have been known to uphold weights in the excess of 1,000 tons.

Ram Jack West has the skills and technology necessary to install these powerful foundation devices so that you can build your business exactly as envisioned, even in congested areas or on top of poor quality soil. If the neighborhood your business is located in is undergoing construction, you may want to consider installing a micropile to ensure that shifting ground will not impact your building’s foundation.

advantages of micro piles

  • Functional in virtually all types of soil
  • Externally high load capacity
  • Works with both compression and tension loads
  • Very useful in confined spaces

Micropiles have quickly become a favorite tool for construction workers. They are relatively quick and easy to install, and do phenomenal work repairing a building with a damaged foundation. Micropiles can also be installed without pre-drilling, saving hours of time and cutting down on construction costs.

Ram Jack is the one-stop-shop for engineers and contractors. Ram Jack West's commitment is to provide industry leading foundation solutions, products, and excellent customer service. Our products and services are all backed by our in-house engineers and experts. We aim to provide only the highest quality products and services.

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