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Stable foundation = safe home. The job of your foundation is to evenly distribute weight throughout your home to prevent settlement from occurring. Foundations fail for various reasons, including intense heat shrinking the soil beneath the foundation, plumbing leaks, improper drainage, poor foundation construction, and poor soil conditions, to name a few. When foundation settlement does occur, it creates a dangerous situation and drastically devalues your home if left unaddressed.  

We don’t do quick fixes. All of our foundation solutions are reliable and built to last a lifetime.

There is a multitude of factors that go into foundation repair, making it an extremely complex problem. Our foundation specialists are highly trained in identifying the effects of foundation failure on a structure. No matter how unique the foundation issue may seem, Ram Jack West offers many different foundation repair services that allow us to meet essentially any project requirement. Ram Jack’s design, process, and technique are all engineered and tested to perform at the highest industry standards.

If you are experiencing foundation settlement issues and are wanting to restore the value of your home, trust the experts at Ram Jack West!

ram jack west foundation repair services include:

  • Residential Foundation Repair
  • Commercial Foundation Repair
  • Slab Lift Repair
  • Slab Foundation Repair
  • Pier and Beam Support
  • Timber Pile Support
  • Column Installation
  • House Lifting and Raising
  • Retaining Wall and Seawall Repair
  • Multi-Family Residences

The Professional inspection

If your home is experiencing signs of foundation failure, contact Ram Jack West to schedule an on-site inspection with a foundation repair specialist! During the evaluation, we will inspect your property to get a better understanding of the situation. We will then walk through all of your options and, together we will find a solution that works best for you and your property.  

Our specialists are thorough and professional during every inspection. We will never recommend anything outside of the scope of your genuine needs.  

Request Inspection

3 reasons to fix the problem right now

  • Foundation problems get worse over time – costing more to repair!
  • It’s important to maintain positive equity because nobody wants to buy a home with foundation problems
  • Doors and windows not opening properly can pose a serious safety concern to your family
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expert repair solutions

Since 2001, Ram Jack West has become a leader in the foundation repair industry because of our innovative foundation repair systems. Our patented Helical and Driven steel pile systems have been installed in over 3,000 homes in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Our foundation crews are experienced and equipped to tackle any foundation repair project, no matter the size or complexity. Allow us to create a custom, permanent solution for you and your home.

Ram Jack’s systems are designed and engineered to provide support for foundations on residential and commercial properties. Our systems can support new construction projects as well.

Ram Jack uses only 100% American-made steel piles, designed for reliability and durability. Our steel piles are also coated with an eco-friendly polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating for corrosion protection. This ensures that no harmful chemicals enter the soil while also providing a long-lasting solution. We stand behind our products and methods, which is why we back them with a transferable life of structure warranty.  

Ram Jack West has the knowledge and expertise to accurately determine the number of piles, pile placement, and depth. Incorrect placement or depth can negatively affect the structural integrity of your home down the road.

Protect your home for years to come. Call the experts at Ram Jack West!

Driven Pile system

helical pile system

"quality first" promise

Strict quality control standards, exact specifications, and unwavering installation guidelines ensure that the Ram Jack System and products virtually never fail when properly installed. Homeowners and engineers across Oregon, Washington, and Alaska have found that Ram Jack’s systems offer both versatility and reliability.  

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 proving that we continuously provide systems and products that increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

If your property is in danger of possible erosion and water damage, call Ram Jack West today. Our lifting & raising solutions are proven to be safe and cost-effective compared to traditional methods. When your property starts to slope, resulting in your home now resting on a low point, your home might be in danger of water gathering and ruining the foundation.

While some might suggest yard grading to remedy the sloping issue, in many cases, the most efficient solution is lifting a house to repair the foundation. We customize our solutions specifically for each job, using only effective elevation techniques and foundation systems. Our system is best for homes currently on wood pilings in healthy condition, where the home now resides at a crucially low point on the property.

benefits of Ram jack West's System

  • Less invasive than traditional methods
  • Property owners typically only need to evacuate their home for one or two weeks instead of months
  • Unlike traditional lifting methods, the home is never detached from the foundation, diminishing a lot of the risks usually associated with lifting houses
  • Our system is eco-friendly. We re-use the existing wood, meaning no new resources are needed to complete the project
  • Our method results in a stable foundation, giving property owners peace of mind on windier days

causes of foundation failure

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1/ Evaporation

Hot, dry wind and intense heat cause the soil to shrink beneath the foundation.

2/ Plumbing leaks

Water from plumbing leaks is often the cause of severe foundation problems.

3/ Transpiration

Tree roots may desiccate the soil beneath a home causing the soil to shrink.
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1/ Drainage

Improper drainage is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. Excess moisture will erode or consolidate and cause settlement.

2/ Poor Soil conditions

Poor soil and its expansion and/or contraction contribute to foundation failure.

3/ inferior ground preparation

Soft, low density soils and/or improperly compacted soil beneath a home is the leading cause of foundation failure.

4/ inferior foundation construction

Insufficient steel and inferior concrete will contribute to movement in the slab.

Pictures of foundation problems

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Cracked Walls
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Sloping Floors
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Sticking Doors
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Leaning Chimney
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Foundation Cracks
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Cracks in Brick
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Gaps Around Windows
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Cracks in Floor
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Gaps/Cracks Around Doors

Interior signs of foundation problems

  • Doors and windows that are misaligned and are difficult to open or close
  • Gaps around windows or doors
  • Sloping or sagging floors
  • Cracks in ceiling
  • Cracks in sheetrock
  • Cracks in the floor or tile
  • Basement signs: walls leaning in/out, cracks in the wall, and/or water intrusion
  • Wall pulling away from ceiling
  • Hairline cracks in concrete walls or floors
  • Garage floor cracked and uneven
  • Uneven floors

Exterior signs of foundation problems

  • Stair step cracks in brick
  • Chimney pulling away from house
  • Gaps above windows and doors
  • Gaps above or around your garage door
  • Fascia board pulling away