Foundation Repair Services

/// Permanent, affordable, solutions from the foundation repair experts

Foundation is a major factor in the overall health of your home. The foundation supports your home by properly distributing the weight of your house in order to prevent settlement. Foundation damage occurs when shifting soils, expansion, contraction, and drainage problems cause your foundation to settle. Foundation settlement can cause various issues including cracks in walls, cracks in brick, and floors that slope, just to name a few.

Many homeowners see expensive home renovations like new floors and home additions ruined because of foundation damage. Foundation problems are serious and can devastate the value of your biggest investment. When it comes to restoring your home’s foundation, rely on Ram Jack West for permanent, affordable solutions with a lifetime warranty.

Foundation repair is a complex problem that requires specialized training, techniques, systems, and products. Foundation failure can affect a structure in a variety of ways. Ram Jack West offers numerous foundation repair services in order to provide solutions no matter how unique the problem. Ram Jack West’s methods are engineered and tested to perform at the highest industry standards. Ram Jack West’s foundation system has been third party tested and is ICC-ES certified. The wide range of applications of our Helical and Driven steel pile systems allows us to take on virtually any foundation repair project.

These services include:

  • Residential Foundation Repair
  • Commercial Foundation Repair
  • Slab Foundation Repair
  • Pier and Beam Support
  • Timber Pile Support
  • Column Installation
  • House Lifting and Raising
  • Retaining Wall and Seawall Repair
  • Multi-Family Residences
  • Slab Lift Repair

The Next Step: The Professional Estimate

If you suspect foundation damage, contact Ram Jack West today to schedule an appointment for an on-site evaluation! Ram Jack West’s foundation repair consultants are specially trained to evaluate foundation problems. Our consultants take digital elevations of your home and will discuss the evaluation with you in detail. We understand foundation repair costs are a concern, if foundation damage is discovered our Ram Jack West consultant will provide you with affordable options. Ram Jack West also has a variety of financing options available to fit almost any budget.

Our Focus: Foundation Repair

Over the last 20 years, Ram Jack West has become a pioneer in the foundation repair industry. Our patented Helical Pile and Driven Pile foundation repair system has been installed in countless homes in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Our professional foundation repair crews are ready to offer a permanent solution with proven results. When the integrity of your home is in jeopardy, rely on the experts at Ram Jack West!

Ram Jack’s driven pile system is used to provide foundation support for various types of structures. Our driven pile is a steel shaft made from 100% American made steel. Each driven pile is thrust deep into the soil using powerful hydraulics to reach load-bearing strata. The number of piles and the depth of each pile is a crucial aspect of any foundation repair. Many foundation repair contractors do not install the correct number of piles or drive piles deep enough to provide a long-lasting repair.

Beware! Improper pile placement and pile depth can leave your home vulnerable to future settlement and recurring damage. Our Ram Jack technicians and consultants are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and install our driven pile system to stop damaging settlement permanently.

Corrosion-Resistant & Environmentally Friendly

Our piles are manufactured from American-mined, high-strength carbon steel and are coated with an eco-friendly polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating for corrosion protection. This process provides long-lasting protection without leaching dangerous chemicals into the soil. We back it with a transferrable life of structure warranty.

Minimal Landscape Disturbance, Quick Install Time, Patented Ram Jack System, Environmentally Friendly

If it's found that your home sits at a critical low point on your property where water can collect and damage your foundation, then action needs to be taken to remedy this sloping issue. Grading a yard is one solution but, in some cases, lifting and raising a home is the most effective way to keep a house dry and protected against significant erosion and water damage.

Ram Jack West can raise homes, both safely and economically, using a variety of proven elevation techniques and foundation systems customized to each job. This process is ideally suited for homes on existing timber pilings that are in good condition, where the home is now too low per revised flood maps, or by local ordinance. Our Sandy Bracket helical system can be used to elevate homes and provide homeowners peace of mind.

Our Proven lifting & raising solutions

Ram Jack’s method of lifting homes is far less invasive than a traditional lift because the home is never disconnected from its foundation or moved off of its existing footprint; therefore, risks associated with traditional lifting and moving a home are greatly reduced.

Benefits of our method:

  • Homeowners are not required to vacate their homes for months in advance or for weeks afterward. Where local officials and utilities are cooperative, homeowners only need to vacate one to two weeks rather than months
  • The process is a “Sustainable Solution” because no new timber resources are used—existing ones are simply “recycled” to a new height
  • Our Sandy Bracket helical system offers a secure foundation, especially when connected with a grade beam. This offers greater “sway mitigation” and peace-of-mind on windy days, compared to homes elevated on timber pilings