Ram Jack west commercial case study

Bandon House

Scope of work

RamJack was called out to perform this work from a report that was based on a geotechnical site investigation made for a former owner of the subject project site. The report determined that there are two geologic hazards that constrain development on the project. Earthquake-induced liquefaction, Earthquake-Induced Lateral Spreading (slope movement), and occupational safety. RamJack installed 83 Cased micro piles to a total depth of 50 feet. Installed six-inch casing to thirty feet using a Sp 60 vibratory hammer. Drilling through the casing with a 4.5 inch crosscut bit to acquire the twenty feet of embedment requested by the geotechnical engineer for compression and tension capacities. The work performed by RamJack was to mitigate hazards associated with slope movement and earthquake-induced liquefaction settlement.

Micropiles are the most economical and efficient deep foundation elements for this site. Micropiles can easily be installed through the overlying terrace deposits and grouted into underlying load-bearing Mudstone formation. Micropiles offer excellent load capacity in compression and tension and can be battered to provide the necessary resistance to lateral loads.

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Bandon, Oregon
New Construction
type of work
Micro Piles