Ram Jack Foundation REpair

62 Year Old Home Recovery

Seattle, Washington


During the inspection process, the buyer of the home noticed some cracks in the drywall and foundation. The home was built in 1959 but it had been recently remodeled. The buyer was curious to know if the house was actively moving and if it needed foundation work. The buyer canceled with another company after seeing Ram Jack West’s competitive bid. After a thorough inspection of the home, it was confirmed that the home was experiencing close to -2.5” of settlement.


Ram Jack West’s crew installed 17 2 7/8” Driven Piles and 7 Ram Jack 2 7/8” Helical Piles to permanently support the foundation.


The crew successfully installed 17 exterior piles and 7 interior piles, the piles embedded from 12-17ft before hitting the Engineers allowable capacity of 24kips. The structural and geotechnical engineers were on-site and conducted load-testing to satisfy the install requirements with the city of Seattle, which met and exceeded the install requirements. The customer was extremely pleased with the work performed and couldn’t be happier with his decision to work with Ram Jack West. The crew was professional and communicated throughout all phases of the project.

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