Ram Jack Foundation REpair

Driven Piles Remedy Foundation Failure

Seattle, Washington

The homeowner knew there was something awry when they began noticing signs of settlement where the foundation of the home met the front porch of the structure. After being contacted by the homeowner, Ram Jack West sent an expert to the home for a detailed evaluation. Upon evaluation, it was evident that the home was, in fact, experiencing foundation failure. The home had settled 2 3⁄4 in., causing concern since the second story of the home was being supported by the failing foundation.

The Ram Jack West foundation specialist understood the stress the homeowners were experiencing, but they also understand exactly what the home needed to get it back into shape. The foundation specialist recommended that seven (7) Ram Jack 2 7 ⁄8 in. diameter driven piles be installed in the affected area to lift and support the home from future downward movement.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the seven Ram Jack piles were installed in the crawlspace of the home. The Ram Jack West professionals were able to successfully install the piles, with the addition of 35 ft. of angle iron and 15 ft. of steel channel to ensure the stability of the home. After the home was lifted 1 in. to reach maximum practical recovery, the City of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections required the driven pile system be load tested. Testing was monitored and completed by Redmond Geotechnical Services. The homeowners had peace of mind to know that the load testing passed, meeting perfect load requirements.

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