Ram Jack Foundation REpair

Restoring Home’s Value Before Selling

Blue River, Oregon


A homeowner in Blue River, Oregon noticed some cracks in the walls, doors not lining up, and some humps/dips in the floors while getting ready to put the home on the market. Instead of ignoring the warning signs, the homeowner did a pre-inspection of the home’s foundation in order to achieve the best value. Knowing that Ram Jack West offers a lifetime warranty that is transferable and backed by a warranty trust made us the right choice for this project. 


Ram Jack West proposed 9 helical piers to support the foundation along with 20 adjustable post bases in the crawl space to help level the floors while helping to minimize movement. 


Ram Jack West installed a total of 9 helical piers to stabilize the home’s foundation in only 2 days. The job went according to plan and the homeowner was very pleased that Ram Jack West restored the home’s value before it was put on the market. The home sold shortly after and he was able to transfer the warranty to the new owner. Fixing the homes foundation before selling made it easier for the agent to accurately price the home and offered peace of mind to the new homeowner. 

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