Ram Jack Foundation REpair

Stabilization of Manzanita Two-Story House

This Manzanita two-story house was showing signs of foundation failure; sloping floors, cracks in the interior walls, cracks in the foundation, and cracks in their concrete back patio slab. The foundation of the residence is a wood floor system supported by piers and concrete beams. They turned to Ram Jack after talking with their neighbor who had similar issues and had positive comments about Ram Jack's proposal for their home. Our team evaluated the residence carefully and determined that it was approximately 2.5” out of level.

Ram Jack Solution
Ram Jack proposed a comprehensive solution involving 13 helical piles and 16 adjustable post bases to stabilize the foundation and support the portions of the foundation that had experienced some differential settlement.

Ram Jack successfully installed 13 piles under the main floor and completed the job ahead of schedule. The majority of the pre-existing cracks and gaps closed completely. The homeowner was very pleased with the outcome and was relieved that we were successful in lifting their home to within .5” of level.

Homeowners Comments
“I was very impressed by Fernando, Garcia, and his crew. They completed the job ahead of schedule, and I am very, very happy with the result. Fernando is easy to work with, and his explanations and answers to my questions were great. I trust his experience”

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