Ram Jack Foundation REpair

Support of Tacoma Home

Tacoma, Washington


This Tacoma, Washington home was built on a sloping residential property in 1979 and is comprised of a single-story portion and a two-story portion. The homeowner noticed a large crack in the foundation along with one indoor crack in the master bedroom and wanted to make sure that no changes occur in the future on this sloping property. After careful inspection, it was determined that the rear of the residence had settled 1 ½ inches relative to the front of the home and a crack had formed in the west side foundation wall. The settled corner of the residence had allowed a crack to form in the concrete stem wall at a construction joint and will need to be permanently supported and stabilized. 


Ram Jack West installed four (4) helical piles and three (3) driven piles with foundation brackets under the footings of the home. The foundation was lifted enough to stabilize the home ensuring that the weight of the walls was on the brackets. We also added carbon fiber straps across the crack at the construction joint and intersection of the two-story foundation and single-story portion of the home. The carbon fiber strap will tie the reinforced concrete wall together and resist any future spreading of the crack. The homeowner was satisfied that the work was completed in a professional and workmanship manner. 

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