Ram Jack Foundation REpair

Supporting a Settled Foundation

Eugene, Oregon

A homeowner in Eugene, Oregon noticed warning signs of foundation failure. Instead of waiting and letting the problem grow worse over time, he contacted Ram Jack West in order to resolve the issues.


The homeowner started to notice warning signs of foundation failure around the home. The floors started to slant. Cracks formed in the exterior of the foundation of the northeast corner of the home.


Working with Regal Mortier, a local engineering firm, and after careful consideration, Ram Jack West proposed installing 13 helical piles on the exterior perimeter of the home. The piles would be strategically placed on the north, west, and east sides of the home for the best chance of achieving maximum recovery.


During the installation, Ram Jack West needed to remove part of the deck in the homeowner’s backyard to get access for pile installation. At the front of the house, Ram Jack had to break and haul approximately a half yard of concrete to access the pile location. The 13 piles were installed successfully. The house was raised 3⁄4 in. to achieve a complete recovery. The job took 10 work days to complete. The homeowners were happy with the outcome of the job.

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