What is SW-RP1? Why Do You Need It for Seawall & Bulkhead Repair?

The hallmark of the Seawall Repair Network is our proprietary SW-RP1 repair permeation solution. Simply put – it is the best product on the market for seawall soil stabilization.

Seawall Repair Cost vs the Price of Replacement or Neglect

The best choice is clear. You can save yourself a lot of money, potential property disruption/destruction, stress & frustration by working with a Seawall Repair Network contractor in your area.

What to Look for in a Seawall or Bulkhead Repair Contractor

For decades, waterfront property owners like yourself have sought assistance with failing seawalls. Not all seawall/bulkheads repair methods are equal and not all companies are the same.

Seawall Repair Network Advantages

When you find yourself engaged in a search for seawall repair or replacement options, it’s fueled by the understanding that your seawall is key to preventing serious damage to (or even destruction of) your house, building, or property in general.

What Hydro-Static Pressure Is and Why Seawall Owners Should Be Concerned

Most seawall property owners are not aware of the dangers of hydrostatic pressure, and the devastating effects that it can have on a seawall.

Why You Should be Concerned When Cracks Appear in Your Seawall Caps

The seawall cap holds everything together. Most seawall caps are made from poured concrete reinforced with steel. The great thing about concrete is that it never lies. Concrete always displays a stress reaction to unstable soil.

Why Rust Stains Appear on Concrete Seawalls

Rust on concrete seawalls and bulkheads is a sign of decay and should not be ignored.

Why Holes Are Appearing in the Soil Behind Your Seawall

Holes forming behind your seawall are a very big deal and should be considered a red flag that cannot be ignored. A slow process initially, soil migration eventually leads to void formations on the landward side of the seawall.

Seawall Repair & the Consequences of Neglect

When the signs of seawall failure are ignored, the result is always the same: deterioration and/or complete seawall failure.

SW-RP1 – Environmentally Friendly Seawall Repair Material

On seawall repair projects of all scopes and sizes, ensuring environmental safety is mission-critical. That’s why Seawall Repair Network’s SW-RP1 high-strength repair material has the official NSF seal of approval for contact with drinking water.

Advanced Seawall Repair for Better Results

Let’s take an in-depth look at the installation of Seawall Repair Network’s SW-RP1 repair material vs alternative repair options. This process consists of stopping high flow leaks, filling the voids behind concrete structures, and binding loose soil with Seawall Repair Network’s SW-RP1 repair material.

How Soil Instability Causes Seawall Damage

As seawalls age, soil eventually starts to migrate through the vertical seawall panel joints and weep holes. The loss of structural stability leads to unwanted movement of the structure and as the movement of the structure occurs, damage to the seawall cap and panels also occurs

Seawall Repair on Lakefront Properties

Do you own or manage lakefront property? If so, you may have issues with your seawalls.